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Astra 1
SD English / French
Orbital position 19.2° East
Transponder 22
D/L frequency 11 538 MHz
D/L polarization Vertical
Modulation QPSK
FEC 5/6
Symbol rate (Msymb/s) 22
HD English / French
Orbital position 13° East
Transponder 53
D/L frequency 11 566 MHz
D/L polarization Horizontal
Modulation 8PSK – DVB–S2
FEC 3/4
Symbol rate (Msymb/s) 29.9

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As availability and access methods may evolve over time, check for updates from time to time regarding the broadcasting options of France 24 in Belarus. Enjoy international news and diverse programmes offered by France 24 from the comfort of your home in Belarus.